Friday, December 4, 2015

Friis Proth, Adopt-a-Veteran, Ask an Officer & More

2017 International Travel Opportunities
Enrollment is now open.  Follow the link provided to view detailed itineraries and instructions on how to enroll.

Advisory Program
As part of our new Advisory Program we hope to provide meaningful community service projects.  It is our intention to keep the community service local whenever possible.  The December 3rd Advisory certainly met the stated ambition of local and meaningful community service.  

On December 3rd each Advisory "adopted" an active member of the armed forces. In total we "adopted" 35 members of the armed forces.  All of the Veterans selected either graduated from GD or currently reside in the towns of Groton or Dunstable.  Mr. O'Conner's design class created decorative cards with a military theme for all members of the class to sign. Students brought in items to be included in the care package and they decorated the boxes. Below are a few pictures of the care packages that will be sent.  If you have a Twitter account you can view more pictures by using the #gdadvisory2015.

We also included an original GD camouflage hat with each care package, which we are also selling to the public for $15.  Money from the sale of the hats will be used to fund a scholarship that will be awarded to a deserving GD graduate who enlists in the armed forces. If you would like to order a hat please complete the order form.

Friis Porth
Friis Porth is an international student from Hamburg, Germany who is attending GDRHS for the year.  He has been a wonderful addition to our school.   Recently, Friss was featured in a promotional article highlighting his experiences at GDRHS.  I have provided a link to the article below.  

Football, Friends and Family: Friis gives advice on cultural immersion

Ask an Officer
By Officer Rachel Mead
Do you have a question about Law and Order? Are you wondering what happens after you get a speeding ticket or in an accident? Have you tried googling it and just can't find the answer?! Well now you can Ask an Officer.  Every Monday during lunch Officer Mead will be available to answer any and all questions! See attached flyer for more info!   

Drama Guild Fundraiser
By Chris Olson
Drama Guild is running a fundraiser at Barnes & Noble.  They will be performing skits, songs and improv at the B&N in Nashua on Tuesday, 12/15 from 6 to 8. Drama earns a portion of the register when patrons tell the cashier they are shopping in support of Drama Guild.  The officers have decided to put this year's proceeds towards the Drama Scholarship.

Introduction to Engineering (4 credit course)

When:                      Classes begin January 5th
Days:                         Tuesdays and Thursdays
Time:                        6:00pm to 8:45pm
Location:                GDRHS
Duration:                10 weeks

Pre-requites  - from the MCC program of studies

Intermediate Algebra

For students preparing for the pre-calculus/calculus sequence or for statistics. Topics include graphing and modeling with linear and quadratic functions; solving applications; interpreting data read from graphs; solving absolute value equations and inequalities; solving systems of equations in two and three variables; operations with rational expressions; fractional exponents; radicals; complex numbers; and solving of rational, radical and quadratic equations.
Introduction to Engineering Power Point

Introduction to Engineering Informational Sheet

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