Thursday, December 3, 2015

2017 Travel Presentation Tonight, Dec. 3rd 6pm & Intro. to Engineering

Global Scholars 2017 Travel Opportunities Presentation    
We will hold an informational night highlighting the 2017 travel opportunities on Tonight, December 3rd at 6pm in the BBX Theater.   

The trips are part of the Global Scholars Program we started two years ago.  At the conclusion of the presentation students will have the opportunity to register for the 2017 trips. Space is limited and students will be accommodated on a first come, first served basis. For your convenience, I have included a link to the detailed itinerary of each trip. Please note, the China service learning trip has been replaced by a service learning opportunity in Peru. 

On-Site Dual Enrollment
As part of our new dual enrollment program we are offering a 4 credit, college level Intro. to Engineering course.  MCC was kind enough to offer us a grant waiving the tuition charge for up to 20 GD students.  In addition, there will be a $50 book rebate to help offset the cost of the required textbooks.   Any student interested in engineering is welcome to take advantage of this opportunity.  Yesterday I held a brief assembly with interested students outlining the opportunity.  You are welcome to view the  Intro. to Engineering Power Point Presentation

Introduction to Engineering (4 credit course)

When:                      Classes begin January 5th
Days:                         Tuesdays and Thursdays
Time:                        6:00pm to 8:45pm
Location:                GDRHS
Duration:                10 weeks

Pre-requites  - from the MCC program of studies

Intermediate Algebra
For students preparing for the pre-calculus/calculus sequence or for statistics. Topics include graphing and modeling with linear and quadratic functions; solving applications; interpreting data read from graphs; solving absolute value equations and inequalities; solving systems of equations in two and three variables; operations with rational expressions; fractional exponents; radicals; complex numbers; and solving of rational, radical and quadratic equations.
  1. Thinking like an Engineer: An Active Learning Approach, 3rd Edition, by Stephan-Bowman-Park-Sill-Ohland, 2014, Pearson, ISBN-13: 9780133593211, ISBN-10: 0133593215.
Price:  $150-$200

  1. AutoCAD 2016 Tutorial, First Level: 2D Fundamentals, by Randy H. Shih, SDC publications, ISBN: ISBN: 978-1-58503-959-3.
Price $75.0

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