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2017 Travel Info Night, Sports Info., Semi-formal & More

Global Scholars 2017 Travel Opportunities Presentation (Date Change)     
We will hold an informational night highlighting the 2017 travel opportunities on Thursday, December 3rd at 6pm in the BBX Theater.   The trips are part of the Global Scholars Program we started two years ago.  At the conclusion of the presentation students will have the opportunity to register for the 2017 trips. Space is limited and students will be accommodated on a first come, first served basis.   For your convenience, I have included a link to the detailed itinerary of each trip. Please note, the China service learning trip has been replaced by a service learning opportunity in Peru.

Click here to view a detailed itinerary

Yachay Wasi Fundraiser
As part of our Global Scholars program, the students at Groton Dunstable are helping to support a campaign to raise funds for the Yachay Wasi school, a kindergarten in the Sacred Valley of Peru where 32 GD teenagers and 4 GD chaperons performed service last year. 

This incredible school, nestled deep in the Andes of Peru, is a safe and invigorating respite for the children of the region. Three of our own former students are living in the Sacred Valley and volunteering at the Yachay Wasi. In fact, our students were key in creating and launching this fundraising campaign: Yachay Wasi School: Education Through Love. Please use this link to explore the school and support this cause. 

In support of the children in Peru, the students at GD are planning a Winter Gala semi-formal dance for Friday, December 11. All of the proceeds from the dance will benefit the school. 

Soccer Team
The Boys Soccer Team finished a historic season with a hard fought game against Lincoln-Sudbury. The team came up short in the state final, but it in no way marred a fantastic season.  Our first foray into the field of Division 1 and the boys performed at an exceptionally high level while handling themselves with class and dignity all season, but it is worthy of note that their sportsmanship was on full display after suffering a difficult loss in the state finals.  We are so proud of their accomplishments and how they conducted themselves all season.  

Lisa Dingle, mother of senior Gabe Dingle, composed a touching blog that eloquently encapsulates their historic run.  

By Lisa Dingle
Dear Team,
Aw man, I know it stings.
There are a million things that people like me, old people, will say to you.
You played your hearts out.
Making it this far was amazing.
You left everything on the field.
You should be proud.
And, of course…
We are so proud of you.
And guess what?
All that is true.
Absolutely, 100 percent true.
But there is one thing that may be said to you, that I want you to reject (and, man, am I going to get in trouble for this one, but I’m going to say it anyway.)  And I mean it.
No. It wasn’t.
No. It isn’t.
Don’t listen to that.
I mean, don’t tell your Grandma to eat her words or anything.
But here’s the thing.
Anything you have ever done, and anything you ever do, or loved or cared about or thought about can come down to a ‘just’, if you let it.
It’s just a test.
It’s just a dog.
It’s just your first girlfriend, or boyfriend…
or husband, or wife.
It’s just a job.
Or a career.
Or love.
Or it’s just… life.
‘Just’ is an easy word to use when things get hard. We want to ‘get over it’, to dismiss disappointment, or pain. But if we do that, if we ignore or shrug off the tough stuff in our lives too soon, or try to convince ourselves that our letdowns don’t matter because there are so many other things that are worse, we are missing some massive opportunities to grow.
Listen to me. Remember, I’m old.
Just means ‘only’, or ‘simply’.
And there is nothing simple about anything you are willing to lay it on the line for.
Perspective is a good thing, don’t get me wrong. Losing a game isn’t the same as a death, or war, or famine. And, okay, it probably isn’t the worst thing that is ever going to happen to you.
But it’s not an ‘only’.
And it’s certainly not ‘simple’.
This season was about big things.
Hard work.
And dreams.
This is huge life stuff, I’m telling you.
You learned to trust each other.
To work with each other.
And for each other.
It was about love, too.
It was about being more comfortable sharing the spotlight, than stealing the spotlight.
And, at the same time, it was about allowing others to shine, and celebrating them with all your heart.
It was about becoming a team.
And last night, when the final whistle blew, and the big game didn’t turn out in your favor?
I saw you, the boys who started the season, behave like the upstanding young men you now are.
And I caught glimpses of the grown men you will become.
I watched some of you offering your hands to lift someone up, and others accepting that help.
Both of those acts – the giving, and the accepting of help and support – will be important in your lives
I watched hugs of consolation, and appreciation of your teammates, and your friends.
I saw you congratulate your opponents with grace.
And then you did something that you had done after every game, all season.  This act was so often filled with smiles and laughter and whooping and goofing around, and almost always followed a ‘win’.
But last night?
Last night, after the whistle blew, and the other team celebrated and the trophies were handed out, and everyone would have understood if you just grabbed your gear and headed for the bus?
You lined up, every one of you, whether you played in the game or not.
You looked at each other.
And you ran across the field toward your parents, your fellow students, and your fans.
For us.
Thanking us for being there with you, for one of those memories of a lifetime.
A trip to State.
You guys owned it.
There is nothing ‘simple’ or ‘only’ or ‘just’, about any of that.
Thank you boys.

Thanksgiving Day Football
Congratulations to the football team for pulling out a fantastic win with seconds to play over Thanksgiving rival Tyngsboro.  The football team showed grit and determination to overcome a difficult start of the season and finishing with a multi-game win streak culminating in the exciting victory over Tyngsboro.  

On-Site Dual Enrollment
In partnership with the Middlesex Dual Enrollment Academy, a division of Middlesex Community College, we are proud to offer qualified high school students the opportunity to earn college credit while satisfying their high school graduation requirements.  This exciting program will give students an opportunity to get a head start on completing general education courses required by most colleges and universities at a fraction of the cost. 

In the spring we will offer a college level Introduction to Engineering course (offered in the evening), along with English Composition 101 (AP Language & Composition) which is offered during the school day. Both courses will be taught by MCC instructors and offered in our own classrooms here at GDRHS.

Credits earned in both classes are transferable college credits, acceptable at most colleges and universities.  Notably, after successfully completing a course with a 2.0 or better students are guaranteed a transfer of credits at a Massachusetts state university or University of Massachusetts campus as part of the MassTransfer programFollow this link for additional information: MassTransfer benefits.

Program Highlights
  • All courses come complete with access to Blackboard, a digital learning interface used by colleges and universities worldwide
  • Guaranteed a transfer of credit at a Massachusetts State University or University of Massachusetts campus.
  • Students can participate in all MCC activities and events.
  • Students can use all MCC facilities including the gymnasiums and libraries at both the Bedford and the Lowell campuses.


Tuition is $261 per course ($87 per credit).  There may be additional charges for textbooks and other course materials.  

For additional information please click here.  

Music Department News
By Aashna Parikh
Districts Groton Dunstable Regional High School is one of over sixty schools that auditioned for Massachusetts Central Music Districts this year. GDRHS sent 21 vocalists, 1 string player, and 2 instrumentalists. Accepted Districts students will perform at Worcester's Mechanics Hall in January. The concert will consisted of hand picked student instrumentalists and vocalists that auditioned in front of judges with a pre­selected song. An average of 25% of auditioning students will be accepted into Districts. 12% of the students will also receive an All State recommendation. All States is a statewide esteemed performance held at Boston Symphony Hall. The recommended students from all five districts audition for All States and a selected handful perform at the reputable Boston Symphony Hall. The vocalists that have been accepted are Erik McIntosh, Rebecca Stark, Curtis Monahan, Gabe Higley, Josh Marion, and Caroline Thompson. All State recommendations have been awarded to Erik McIntosh and Celeste Vandermillen. Congratulations to all the students!

Lost Clarinet
By Bob Ordermann
The foreign exchange student I’m hosting left his clarinet at the Groton-Dunstable High School practice soccer field on Friday October 31st. He noticed it missing the following Sunday and confirmed with other soccer players that it was indeed left behind at the field. I’ve reported the lost clarinet to the High School, Groton and Dunstable Police Departments, and local music shops, and looked for it on eBay and Craigslist, all to no avail. The clarinet is a Buffet Tosca, it’s a beautiful instrument and to hear my student play it is simply magical. If you happen upon the clarinet, please return it to the High School or drop it at my door, 507 Longley Rd, Groton. The return of the clarinet will make a nice Thanksgiving gift.

Bob Ordemann
507 Longley Rd

Drivers Education
Future Drivers of America is offering classes after school starting December 7th and ending December 18th.  You can sign-up in the main office or online at
(978) 455-0290

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