Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Students of the Month

The following students are being recognized as students of the month.  They are being recognized for outstanding academic achievement, and/or a significant contribution to the school, community, or a noteworthy cause.  

Arianna Baker

My name is Arianna Barker and I am currently in my senior year at GDRHS.  I have lived in Groton my whole life and I feel lucky to have grown up in such a nice town.  I’m an only child and travel a lot with my parents.  Seeing new places in the world inspires and excites me.  In school, the subject I feel I’m the best at is math- and I enjoy doing it too.  Sciences like Biology and Environmental Science interest me as well.  In the fall, I’m most likely attending a state school.  UMass Lowell and Worcester State are my top choices as of now.  I hope to study a science, but may change my mind once I start to take classes in other subjects.  I also want to minor in Spanish and one day become fluent.  I definitely want to travel in college and if I could speak the language when I travel to Spanish-speaking countries that would be amazing.  In my free time I like to be outside, hang out with friends and family or listen to music.  I am honored to be a student of the month!    

Lydia Butler

My name is Lydia Butler and I am a Junior at GDRHS. Having school-choiced to groton, I truly appreciate the challenging classes that are offered at GD. Among the plethora of AP classes that are provided, my favorites are History and Chemistry. I have also recently taken advantage of the filming and editing classes offered here and gained knowledge and passion for the art. Shout out to T-dawg and Deep Dark Woods.

Danielle Caefer

My name is Danielle Caefer and I am a senior at Groton Dunstable Regional High School.  My younger sister Jacqueline also attends the high school and is currently a freshman.  In school my favorite subjects are math and science, specifically biology. Although I do not yet know what school I will be attending in the fall next year, I do know that no matter where I end up, I will be studying biomedical engineering.  This year, I am the Editor in Chief of the yearbook.  I have also designed the yearbook for the past two years.  Outside of school I dance with Gate City Ballet.  I also skate with several clubs, both individually and as part of a synchronized skating team.   

Emily Chu

My name is Emily Chu and I am a senior at GD. I have really enjoyed my past four years here, and I look forward to new and exciting experiences. Although I have not decided where I will be going to school next year, I plan on majoring in health science with pre-med advising. I have lived in Groton for 16 years with my parents and two sisters, with whom I am very close. So far I have had many amazing opportunities at GD, two of them being in my senior year. I spent my February vacation in Peru, visiting many historical sites and ending the trip with two service days at a local preschool. This was an extremely rewarding trip and I am very thankful for the opportunity and getting to experience it with my classmates, teachers, and principal. Additionally, I was a member of GD’s first gymnastics team and we had a very successful season. I’ve been involved in gymnastics since I could walk, so it is a huge part of my life. I have been named a member of the Senior National Team, one of my personal goals. I will travel to Florida with 17 other seniors from Massachusetts and compete against other states. I am excited for this trip, and what the future holds :)

Meghan Hanagan

Hello my name is Meghan Hanagan and I am a junior here at Groton-Dunstable regional High School. I am interested in business and communications and hope to pursue a career in this field some day after attending college. Some activities I like to do include playing sports, hanging out with friends, hiking, and being outside. I also participate on a fundraising team for St. Jude Children's research hospital called “Fitness for A Cure.” On this team every year I personally fundraise $1,000+ on my website through donations. Along with fundraising, my team prepares a show that incorporates fitness and dances for a huge gala event at the end of March. 100% of the proceeds earned from this event go directly to St. Jude. I enjoy being on this team not only because it fun, but it is a great way to give back, and is very rewarding knowing that all the money is helping to save kids lives. I am honored to be student of the month and would like to thank all of the wonderful staff and teachers at GD. The teachers really strive to prepare us for success in the real world.

Summer McGilliray

My name is Summer McGillivray and I'm a senior at Groton Dunstable. I have lived in Groton my whole life. I have a twin sister and also a younger sister who is a sophomore. In school I enjoy Spanish. This year I helped teach elementary school kids Spanish after school. In the fall I plan to go to college and study either Veterinary Technology or Captive Wildlife Care.I would someday like to have a career working with animals.

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Kyle Skowranek

My name is Kyle Skowranek and I am currently a Junior at Groton-Dunstable high school. I have two sisters one older she is a senior in high school and my other sister is a freshman. I plan on going to a film school in New York City because i plan to have a job in film when I'm older. The people who influenced me to go into film are teachers at are school. These people have helped me work towards my goals in this subject i am very grateful for that.


Stephen Silvestri

I'm Stephen Silvestri, currently a senior. I was born in Boston, and lived in Winchester and Woburn for the first eight years of my life before moving out here to Groton. This year, I have been very active in working on the yearbook. I also enjoy participating in the music and drama programs at the high school, and am an active member of the Environmental Club and Student Council. I will be attending the College of the Holy Cross next year, completely undecided as to what I want to major in. One thing that I am pretty sure of is that I want to study abroad during my time in college. High school has been a huge maturing and learning process, and it's difficult to believe that there are less than three months left for seniors. 

As a student of Groton-Dunstable High School, I am humbled and honored to receive the prestigious Student of the Month Award. Honestly, when Principal Mastrullo told me the news he said “I’m not messing with you,” even before I could ask if he was serious. Needless to say, I was shocked. I would like to thank the Academy of course. Now I feel oddly narcissistic writing this next part, but a biography is about one self, so here goes: I have lived in Groton for over 10 years now. I received my education from the Groton Dunstable Regional School District and plan to continue my education at Middlesex Community college in the fall. One of the people who has influenced me greatly in my life is Malcolm X. I plan to go ahead in life and pursue a career in Videography. I will film anything. Really, I will film anything. I won’t ask questions. Whatever you want me to film, I will do it. Just use an alias because if it is too weird then I will have to call the cops on you. Once again, thank you for recognizing me as Student of the Month.

Jackie Richardson
I'm Jackie Richardson and I got selected for student of the month because of my charity work with "Fitness for a Cure" which is an organization that works to help the children and families at St. Jude's Children Research Hospital in Memphis.  I started volunteering with Fitness for a Cure three years ago when I was in 7th grade, because a friend of mine was enjoying it and she suggested I join.  Participating in the work that this organization does for St. Jude over the past three years has really changed my outlook on life. No matter what I do when I grow up, I still want to be able to do something to contribute to  St. Jude.  Witnessing large numbers of people from different places coming together to support one cause has been a big motivation and inspiration for the way I live my life as I get older. I plan on continuing my work with Fitness for a Cure throughout high school as well as traveling to St. Jude in Memphis to volunteer at the hospital with some members of the Fitness for a Cure team in June.   

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