Saturday, January 11, 2014

Principal's Notes (Exam Schedule, Early Dismissal, Art Exhibit)

Exam Schedule
Friday, January 24th will feature an A period exam and makeup exams.  In addition, there will be a full compliment of busses on the 24th of January both to and from school; however, transportation will not be provided for those taking makeup exams on the 24th.   

I)              Wednesday, January  22nd

A)   Schedule:                                 A,B,C,D
B)   Exams:                                     B & D

II)            Thursday, January  23rd

A)   Schedule:                                 A,C,B,D
B)   Exam:                                      C

III)          Friday, January 24th

A)   Schedule:                                 A
B)   Exam:                                      A
C)   Students Dismissed at 9:15     (Bus transportation provided at this time only)
D)   B,C,D Makeup Exams

Student Art Exhibit
The following students have been accepted into the exhibition at the Fruitlands Museum in Harvard, Massachusetts : 

The show will be opening on January 11th and stay on exhibit until the awards ceremony on March 30th at noon. 

Samantha Ferraro
Sarah Brown
Scott Henriques
Erin Olson
Ryan Hardy
Nicki Wilkinson
Emily Figueroa
Mitch Navetta

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