Thursday, January 23, 2014

GD Mock Trial Team

Mock Trial Team

Dear GD Community,

The GD Plaintiff Team did a superb job at our first match yesterday in defeating North Middlesex RHS at Leominster District Court. The judge scored the match 80 vs 72 in favor of GD. Highlighted by the judge prior to announcing the winner were several outstanding performances on our team.

Kate Nash deftly handled the opening statement, which she presented forcefully and knowledgeably. Throughout the match, Kate's calm, collected presence before the judge and the defense team set the tone
for the rest of the proceedings.

Gaining the only perfect score on the judge's ballot was Sage Mastakouras-Seppala's performance as plaintiff witness Bari Jacob (son of the deceased stunt pilot) was convincing and emotionally moving.
She made the audience feel the loss of a father and the culpability of faulty aircraft maker Carborite Industries.

Colby Reardon "hit over the Green Monstah" in his cross and re-cross examinations of Don Hamel (the defense expert witness). He ensured the team's win by nailing the issue in the head: Hamel himself would not
fly Carborite model 2; therefore, the plane was defective and violated the warrant of implied merchantability.

Rebecca Roberts's first appearance as plaintiff attorney helped anchor the team's direct and cross examinations. Her knowledge of the case came through during her cross and re-cross examinations of the defense witness.

Brent Emerle aptly suited the role of aeronautical expert Bryce Henderson, Ph.D., as did newly-minted member Stephen Silvestri as flight instructor Matthew Dohll, who relied on "experience" to answer
both the direct and cross examination questions.

Also present at the court house and elated at the GD victory were attorney coaches Chris Reardon and Susan Edgett. Our next match -- weather permitting -- is January 27 (Monday), also at Leominster District Court, where the GD Defense Team will be competing.


Jay Villagomez

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