Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Athletic Information/Exam Schedule

Athletic Information
Due to an impending storm, both boys and girls basketball games are canceled for tonight.  The swim meet has also been canceled.

Exam Schedule
The severity of the storm will ultimately dictate the exam schedule.  No decisions have been made with respect to school tomorrow; however, I wanted to provide the anticipated changes to the exam schedule should school be delayed or cancelled.  I have provided the current exam schedule and detailed information on potential changes should the weather necessitate adjustments. 

Current Exam Schedule

I)              Wednesday, January  22nd

A)   Schedule:                                 A,B,C,D
B)   Exams:                                       B & D

II)            Thursday, January  23rd

A)   Schedule:                                 A,C,B,D
B)   Exam:                                         C

III)          Friday, January 24th

A)   Schedule:                                 A
B)   Exam:                                         A
C)   Students Dismissed at 9:15     (Bus transportation provided at this time only)
D)   B,C,D Makeup Exams

If There Is A Delayed School Opening 
Abbreviated schedule with one exam. 
Wednesday      D Exam
Thursday          B & C Exams
Friday              A Exam (Early Dismissal)

If School Is Cancelled 
Thursday         B & D Exams
Friday               C Exam
Monday           A Exam (Early Dismissal)

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