Monday, December 12, 2016

Great job Ms. Penchansky and Student Council for their efforts to help those in needs and to bring service opportunities to our school.

On Friday, December 9th, the Groton Dunstable Student Council hosted its first Community Service Fair. Various local charities were invited to showcase a poster presentation about their mission, along with a signup sheet for students to volunteer with their service. Representatives from ten local organizations, ranging from The Groton Community School and Miracle League to larger charities such as Loaves and Fishes and Habitat for Humanity, were present. Overall, the fair was a great success! Not only did the fair expose students to the need for service in their community, but it was truly heartwarming to see how many of our students were eager and willing to sign up to make a difference this holiday season. Additionally, the Lowell Humane Society brought two adorable puppies to their booth, which were undoubtedly a huge attraction!

As mentioned, this fair was hosted by the Groton Dunstable Student Council, and organized by Connor Griffiths, Jennifer Kenney, and a team of Class Representatives. Throughout Community Service Week (December 5th-9th) the student council has raised over $2,500 and has collected an abundance of food and clothing for donation. The Community Service Fair was a good way to show students that, in addition to donating money and goods, another great way that they can help out their community is by donating their time this holiday season.  

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