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Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

Congratulations to regional award recipients from this year's Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.   The biggest annual art and writing competition looks at the best high school work regionally and nationally.  Groton-Dunstable High School Students fared well in both art and writing.   A special note of congratulations goes to Haley Ashburn (2018) and  Katarzyna "Kasia" Jezak (2017) For winning multiple awards in art and writing respectively.

Gold Key artwork will be exhibited at EF (Education First) Two Education Circle, Cambridge, MA 02141 (near the Science Museum), from March 5–March 20, 2016.  (Yes, this is the same EF that runs many of our trips abroad, so this is a great chance to see some amazing work and check out the EF headquarters.)

Regional Gold Key recipients will continue on to New York to compete against all the other Gold Key Winners from the other regions of the country. At the National level, work can win a Gold Medal or a Silver Medal.  National Awards are announced in Mid-March.

Principal Mastrullo had this to say about the awards.  "We are so proud of the students of this school. There is a wealth of talent covering a broad spectrum of activities.  The arts are chief among them." 

Haley Ashburn (2018) commented on the Awards.  "The globe awards is really exciting: so many students submit work from all over the state so it’s really a huge competition.  I'm really looking forward to attending the ceremony in Boston.  Last year I missed the deadline with a work that I was polishing but that work wound up getting an award this year.  I'm definitely going to submit again next year and encourage other kids to enter."

Mr. O'Connor had this to say. "The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards is one of the best opportunities for students in our programs to be recognized for their outstanding work. For many artists and writers Scholastic is their first major distinction: Stephen King and Sylvia Plath were past award winners   I'm proud of all the students who applied this year. 

 Awards carry prestige and can lead to scholarships and help the college application process.  We urge students to submit for the awards every November, so though its a long way please stay tuned for next year.  In the meantime approach your art teacher or writing teacher with your work for this contest and others and be sure to show colleges examples of artwork and other creative things you have done at GD."

A complete list of GD Winners in Art and Writing can be seen below.  Images of the Art winners are included.
Writing Awards 

Short Stories
Katarznya Jezak The Blank Die/ Honorable Mention
Matthew Suchecki Green Tea/ Honorable Mention

Katarznya Jezak Early Mourning/ Silver Key
Katarznya Jezak Inertia/ Honorable Mention

Art Awards

Drawing and Illustration

Inline image 5
Haley Ashburn: Self Portrait/Gold Key

Inline image 4
Saya Norton: Life After Death/ Gold Key

Inline image 2

Claire Grigglestone” Hands and Hair of Cancer Patient/Silver Key


Inline image 1
Haley Ashburn: Splash/ Silver Key

Inline image 7
Charlotte McCarthy: Downstream/ Honorable Mention

Digital Art

Inline image 2
Haley Ashburn: Thought Bubbles/ Gold Key

Inline image 6
Serena Scharn: Dusty Mirror/ Honorable Mention

Film and Animation

Inline image 1
Aylin Elmali: White and Black Birds/ Silver Key

Inline image 9
Megan Odell: Striped Weather/ Silver Key

Inline image 1
Ian Peterson: Tortuguero Sunrise/ Silver Key

Inline image 2
Will Premru: Wisdom and Beauty/ Silver Key

Inline image 3
Larissa Spencer: Reflection/ Silver Key

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