Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Learn to Launch: Maria Antonellis, Bridgette Philibert, Alek Valles, Serena Scharn, Ms. Kaplan & Ms. Erickson shine!

The Collaboratory: Where Student Choice is Student Voice

By Audra Kaplan

It was an honor to present with a team of students, Maria Antonellis, Bridgette Philibert, Alek Valles, and Serena Scharn, and Jeannie Erickson, Psychology Teacher, at the LearnLaunch 2016 Conference, hosted by the Harvard Business School. We were one of sixteen teacher and student teams selected from across the state to present at the “Classroom of the Future” event, where emerging models of teaching and learning for the future were displayed.  

Jeannie Erickson and I have collaborated on many projects, but count this event as our favorite as it included student innovators.  This was a unique opportunity for GD students and their educators to collaborate, share ideas and then present the products we had created.  Our booth, The Collaboratory: Where Student Choice is Student Voice, was well received by attendees, and after a very enthusiastic Maria Antonellis gave our “ignite speech” intended to draw conference participants to the GD booth, we couldn’t keep visitors away.

Included in the exhibit was a showcase of student work and projects from Mrs. Erickson’s Topics of Psychology course as well as a 3D model I had made to represent my vision of a creative workspace or a  “Classroom of the Future,” “The Collaboratory”.

We were humbled, but not surprised, to watch our students eagerly share projects, ideas, and much enthusiasm for learning in this course.  Unbound by traditional methods in The Topics of Psychology course, and supported with technology, these students embraced the idea of choice and flourished.  Choice for learning, choice for topics, choice for content delivery, choice for book assignments, choice for technology, and even choice for assessment.  With choice students rise to the challenge, going above and beyond what is expected, every time.  Hopefully, the “Collaboratory” space will become a reality in the future At Groton-Dunstable.

Check out our Learn Launch Video!

Military Night & Women In Sports Night

Pictures from both military and women in sports night.  Both events were a great success

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