Friday, September 4, 2015

Welcome Back Art Exhibits

GDRSD: Welcome Back Art Exhibits
By Mr O'Connor and Ms Kostich

Students returning to School (or venturing in for the first time this week) will have plenty of artwork to enjoy.   Nearly a dozen  exhibits are up on display featuring notable work from last semester.    The Front Commons, Library, Studio Room 216 and Black and White Photo Room 220 feature a variety of work.  Here are some highlights:

Advanced Design 3D Spaceship Series.

Christian Curll (2016) Dreamed up several fantasy spaceships using Blender, a 3D software Program as part of an independent design series.   He initially collaborated with Nicholas Odell (2014) who drafted a series of conceptual sketches.  One of the models was slated as the first printout for our New Makerbot Replicator 3D printer.  This printer came to us last year through the generosity of GDEF for our "STEAM Design Initiative."  STEAM is our preferred expansion of STEM which recognizes art alongside technology, engineering and math when we consider that good design goes beyond function and considers elegance of forms.  Spaceships are a great pilot project (no pun intended).  The futuristic vessel is one that can have imaginative elements while still needing to imply operational capability.    

Art Selection: Drawing, Painting, Design And Photography
Front Commons Display Cases

A wide range of work from our course offerings is featured in the glass display cases in the front commons. Featured here is "Metamorphosis" Art I Accordion book.  This book above was made by Meghan ODell (Class of 2018) and combines printing and bookmaking craft.  Students carve multiple images into a linoleum block and have to make a transition from one image to the next over six panels. This involves overlapping and mixing of inks.  Students also design and wrap the book covers which can be sealed via button and string.   

Class Day and Graduation Brochures: Advanced Design 
Front Commons.
Inline image 4

Students respond to many of our public design challenges.   Two of the most high profile designs are the Graduation Brochure and the Senior Class Night Brochure. Celina Diette's (2015)  submission is featured above.  This special effects illustration was engineered with Adobe Photoshop and was selected last years class brochure cover.  A range of notable submissions are featured downstairs.  Additionally, we are grateful to the Groton Dunstable Arts Boosters who awarded the High School a grant to frame student work for public display in administrative offices.  As a result these brochures will be featured in Principal Mastrullo's office this year and will be updated next year for the class of 2016.

Long Shutter Photography: Light, Figure Spirit.
Photo II, Second Floor Display Case, C Wing

Inline image 5

Advanced photography students combined in groups to rehearse long exposure shutter photography and respond to the challenge to create a sense of spirit.  Photos are taken in near darkness, which allows more time to pass when the photograph is being captured.  The piece above by Sara Latario (2017) and Amelia Onishi (2017) is one of many digital rehearsals for their final black and white print which was developed using traditional film and photo chemicals.  These black and white prints have a rich surface due to the silver in the paper and must be seen directly to fully appreciate. 

Alternative Photo Installations
Various Locations: Library, Hallway, Room 220

Inline image 7
Inline image 8

Advanced Photography Students were challenged to feature their work in an unusual way or explore an alternative process.  Responses ranged from an enlarged print on the darkroom door of fire rings (George Collarullo 2017) to a hidden exhibit in the C wing hallway (Emma Demers 2018). Hint: Get close to the empty display case and its under your nose.  Jon Frey (2017) constructed a series of three hanging portraits that are suspended on the shelves of the library. Depending on the angle these are viewed at, we see two different sides of the person featured and can consider that the  true emotional states of others typically remain hidden if we are unobservant in our daily exchanges.

2015 Spain Trip Photography
2nd Floor, C Wing

Inline image 9

Large digital prints by students and chaperones capture the trip to Spain and take us on an epic journey From Barcelona to Granada.   This EF trip was a language themed adventure so students had a chance to learn or improve their Spanish at EF's school in Barcelona by cooking, touring and shopping in local markets.  Incredible art, food and culture make Spain unforgettable.  There are many EF trips planned for the future so be sure to investigate if you dream of seeing the world.