Friday, September 18, 2015

Advisory, Drama, College Resources, & More

Yesterday featured our second Advisory of the year.  The Guidance Department held a college and career workshop in the BBX for members of the senior class.  College and career planning will be the focus for seniors during the first half of the school year.  For the remainder of the school population, this Advisory aimed at raising awareness of the hunger issues that plague the country and planet.  The students viewed a Power Point presentation that highlighted local and world hunger statistics and also showcased different opportunities for community service should students be compelled to get involved.  You can view the Power Point by following the link.  

As noted in an earlier correspondence, the Advisory program will focus on service, and we intend to keep the service local when possible.  To that end, a school wide competition featured two components.  The first competition was based on share volume with the Advisory contributing the most goods crowned the winner.   Ms. McCracken's Advisory came out on top, again!

The second competition required engineering skills, a little strategy to determine what items to utilize, and a simple but effective plan to accomplish the task in 10 minutes. Mr. Murphy's Advisory built the largest, free-standing structure at 8' 3" tall.   

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Open House
Open House will be held on the 24th of September starting at 6:00pm.  Parents and guardians will run through a typical school day following the schedule of their child.  Please arrive with schedule in hand.  

What’s the Buzz with Drama?
By Renée Hampton

It’s only the third week of the school year and already after-school theatre at GDRHS has hit the ground running. After a competitive round of auditions and callbacks, the fall play, Harvey has been fully cast. Twelve talented cast members, with representatives from every grade are eager to get started rehearsing this classic comedy. Cast member and sophomore Celeste Vandermillen says, “After starting to work with the actors and techies, I can already tell that Harvey will be a fantastic show. The sheer number of kids involved is amazing, and I think that the show has a lot of technical and comedic elements that will showcase how much we can do.”

            Meanwhile, a whopping thirty-eight students arrived at a production meeting to see what they could do to contribute to the technical process for the play. That is, what they could build, paint, costume, or work with electronically. Once again, all grades were represented in this gathering to meet with the Drama Guild advisors, Chris Olson and Michael Hoffman, the assistant director of Harvey, GD junior Jack Malone, and the director, Jenny Leung. Julia Joyce, a sophomore involved in coordinating tech work this year said, “I was completely blown away by the amount of people who showed up to the production meeting for Harvey! A few of us had arrived early and we just sat there with our mouths hanging open as more and more people filed in and filled up the whole room. It was completely overwhelming to see all the excitement and support for the show.” She then added, “Everyone who does tech is so passionate about it and we all can't wait to get started with collecting props, sewing costumes, and building sets.”

           In addition to preparing for the fall play, the Drama Guild officers and members are beginning to prepare for a series of fun Drama Guild events and fundraisers to help pay for the cost of putting on plays, and other club expenses. Overall, with all these enthusiastic students and supportive adults, it looks like it’s going to be an exciting and productive year for theatre at the high school. 

College Search Tools

The U.S. Department of Education published a new online tool on Saturday aimed at helping families choose the correct college with a heavy emphasis on actual cost and earning potential.  Below is a link to the article and the online tool.

How Much Will That College Really Cost?

Applying For Financial Aid Just Got a Little Easier

Tuition Break