Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Art Show

Art Show

A recent art show featured the work of Hanna A, Sam B, Liz B, Briana B, Elysa B, Sarah B, Jacqulyn C, Kristin F, Connor G, Jennifer G, Liam H, Fiona H, Clare H, Katie J, Tara L, Mason M, Sophie M, Julia M, Kate N, Linh N, Katie O, Caroline P, Lauren S, Mike S, Haylee T, Alex T, Delaney T, and Lillian V.   

Below I have included their work along with press coverage of the event.  Teachers Jon O'Connor and Rebecca Kostich did a remarkable job organizing and promoting the event.  In addition, their mentoring and artistic expertise provides inspiration and guidance for the talented students highlighted below.  

Groton Line: 

Groton Herald:

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