Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Students Of The Month

Jackie Coy
My name is Jackie Coy and I am currently a junior at GD. I'm 17 years old, and I have lived in Groton since 2005. Following my graduation in 2016, I plan on pursuing forensic psychology and criminal justice, preferably at a school in the D.C. area or even in Europe. My dream job would be working for the FBI, but I would settle for any form of law enforcement. Besides these areas of interest, I also enjoy the English field - writing novels and short stories as well reading any form of literature just happens to be my favorite past time. Additionally, I've found my high school experience to be rewarding as I explore new activities and opportunities. 

Avery Ferrante 
I was born in Phoenix, Arizona in the June of 1998. At an early age I moved to New England and have gone to Groton Dunstable Schools ever since. During my time in high school I’ve joined the Art Club and have been the Financial Advisor for the last year.

Andrew Femia
My name is Andy and I am a junior at GD who plans to become an engineer when I go off to college. I play football as well as participate in Student Council and the ever so competitive rec basketball league here in Groton. What I love about GD is how evident it is that the teachers are on our side, and want to see us succeed just as much we do. Going to GD has put all of us in a great position to succeed in life.

Pamela Marino
My name is Pamela Marino, and I am a freshman here at GD. Though I have only been in this school for a few short months, I can honestly say that they have been the best months of my life. I have joined the Drama Guild and the Art Club here at GD. With the Art Club, I have helped with a bake sale and an art show. I have also taken a field trip to the MFA. With the Drama Guild, I have worked backstage on the set of Noises Off! Being part of these two clubs has been excellent so far, and I hope to continue to make wonderful memories with my fellow club members. Through both of these clubs, I have learned so much and I have made so many great friends. I have always wanted to be a teacher, the faculty here continues to inspire me to reach my goal. I am very passionate about art, history, and English. One day, I’d like to pursue a teaching career in one of these fields. I am looking forward to my next three years at GD and discovering new opportunities.

Charlotte McCarthy
My name is Charlotte McCarthy. I’m fifteen years old, a sophomore at Groton Dunstable Regional High School, and I would like to think of myself as a hardworking individual. I’ve lived in Dunstable for nearly all of my life with my mother, father, and younger brother. Since the school year began, I’ve participated in several functions to help boost awareness and support for GD’s art department. I got involved performing at GD Drama Guild's "All the World's Stage" Fundraiser and recently, I helped to set up and host the GD Winter Arts Show, which was a wonderful and engaging experience. In my spare time, I enjoy drawing, coding, and playing guitar. I’ve belonged to a tournament softball team known as the Westford Waves for four years. I’ve also been studying martial arts for nearly eight years at Luth’s Family Karate and I am a brown belt. In school, the arts are very dear to me; since the beginning of this year I’ve been a public relations officer for the GD Art Club and I was recently accepted into the GD National Honors Art Society. My greatest ambition is to go to an art school to become a storyboard artist or work in concept design.

Gordon Platt
My full name is James Gordon Sutherland Platt, and I am a senior at GDRHS. In school, I enjoy science for its progressive learning and English for the critical thinking. I am proud to have founded the mountain biking club at the high school and to have led it through two full years of growth and challenge. My most memorable experience of the past four years is the student leaders summit that I attended in China last spring. Outside of school I enjoy being outdoors and going on planned or spontaneous adventures with my friends. I am the youngest member of the National Mountain Bike Patrol, an organization that educates, assists, and informs trail users of all disciplines. During the summer I work as a sailing instructor and competitively race 420-class sailboats.  Next year I am very excited to be attending Bates College in Lewiston, Maine. In terms of a major I have no current preference and am generally excited to explore a smorgasbord of courses. The formative journey of my high school years has been a struggle and a success, and I am honored to be a student of the month.

Serena Scharn
My name is Serena Scharn. I was born in Austin, Texas, and I moved to Massachusetts at a young age, living in cities before moving to the town of Billerica. I soon left after three years of living there, and now live in Dunstable. I’m the eldest of four in a house of six, including my mother, father, two brothers, and sister. I’m an artist and a writer, and I tend to create comics and video games on the side. My plans for the future are a bit vague and not fully realized, but I have some idea of what I want to do. My main goal is to make my hobbies into something big, and something that people will (hopefully) recognize. But in the next few years, I’d like to be majoring in illustration, preferably attending MassArt in Boston.

Nicki Wilkinson I'm a senior at GD and have really enjoyed my 4 years here and appreciate all of the great teachers and experiences I've had. I'm extremely excited to be attending the University of Denver in the fall to study some form of biology/exercise science/kinesiology - still trying to figure that out. This spring I will be interning with the UMass Lowell women's lacrosse athletic trainer to hopefully learn more about what I like and dislike. My goal at DU is to set myself up for a career I love and help them win a lax national championship. But my immediate goal is to win a state championship with my teammates this spring! Go Crusaders!

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