Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Host Family Needed

Host Family Needed

We have Paulo, a 17 year old senior boy from Brazil, coming to Groton Dunstable Regional high school at the end of January 2015 to complete his spring semester there.  

He is a very active, friendly, outgoing young man who loves volleyball, sports, and other things that typical teens like, such as movies, music, and hanging out with friends.  He also loves travel, and has already completed a 2 month exchange in Scotland.

At home in Sao Paolo, Brazil, he lives with his mother and father, his older sister, and his pet dog.  Unfortunately, Paulo is allergic to cat fur, and cannot live in a home with pet cats.

Host families are asked to provide Paulo with a bedroom (can be shared with a similarly-aged host brother or 1 other international student) and 2-3 meals a day.  If Paulo chooses to eat lunch at school, he will purchase it.  Paulo will take the school bus to and from school, as long as the host family lives within the district.  Families outside of Groton/Dunstable are welcome to host (Nashua, Littleton, Pepperell, Ayer, etc), but would have to help in providing more rides to and from the nearest school bus stop.
Host families must complete a simple online application, as well as a criminal background check for all adult members of the home. 
We have a local coordinator in the area, Ann, who can come and help the family through this process, as well as complete the home visit and interview.

Educatius international pays host families in the Groton Dunstable area $700 per month, per student, as a tax-free reimbursement.  We also pay a $100 referral bonus to you, if you can recommend a family or friend who then becomes Paulo’s host family.

Furthermore, we are happy to work with “welcome families,” which are host families who would only like to commit to hosting for 8 weeks, while we continue to find his more permanent placement.

Thank you for considering this opportunity,

Ann Northup
International Coordinator

Educatius International 

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