Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Below is the list of local available scholarships.  Students should see Mrs. Cain in Guidance for any additional information.

Acton Toyota of Littleton ScholarshipLeadership in school, community or the athletic field.
Allison Myrick Memorial ScholarshipAverage student and has made strides in helping self and others.
Brian C. Kane Class of 1999Average grades, team player, good character.
Brian C. Kane MemorialAverage grades, attending a four year college. Artistic.
Dunstable Grange 31Dunstable resident with a GPA of B or above. Required essay.
Dunstable Grange 31 June L. Tully MemorialDunstable resident with a GPA of B or above. Required essay.
Dunstable Police Union Scholarship #1College bound senior majoring in the field of criminal justice or public safety.
Dunstable Police Union Scholarship #2Graduating Dunstable resident attending college.
Engine & Hose Company 1Graduating groton resident entering fire supression and/or protection.
Edward T Fjeld MemorialGoing into a field working with animals
Friends of NVMCPursing an education in a health related field.
GANF Bic Pen Memorial ScholarshipDemonstrates community service.
GCS Chris Barton MemorialGroton Community School Alumni.
GCS Taylor Benjamin Young MemorialGroton Community School Alumni.
G-D Athletic Booster ClubParticipated in athletics and booster club activities.
G-D Arts BoosterStudent majoring in some branch of the fine arts, defined as visual or graphic arts, film, music, voice, theater, dance.
G-D Educators AssociationAttending college for teaching/education
G-D Drama GuildDrama Guild Member
G-D Youth Basketball ScholarshipParticipated in the G-D Basketball League.
Groton Garden ClubMajoring in: Horticulture, floriculture, landscape design or architecture, conservation, forestry, city planning, environmental studies, land mgt, botany, biology and allied subjects.
Groton GrangePursing study in natural sciences as they apply to plant proudction in agriculture or animal science or husbandry as they apply to agriculture.
Groton Lions ClubFinancial need is very important because we want to help make it possible for someone to attend college who might not be able to without help. Grades are important but not the ultimate criteria.
Groton Police Patrolman AssociationGraduating senior entering law enforcement or criminal justice.
GRTC Patriotic ScholarshipGraduating senior, attending college, community service & volunteering
GWC Groton Woman's ClubGraduating Groton.
Babcock ScholarshipDunstable Resident.
John C. Madigan, III Memorial ScholarshipSenior who displays loyalty and dedication to GDRHS community throughout their high school career.
John Nutting Memorial ScholarshipPursuing or has a strong interest in Space Exploration
Justin J. Maynard Memorial STEM InnovationGraduating member of Robotics team for pursuing a career ditectly related to Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Math. Team player, good character.
Kathleen C. Peabody MemorialAttending college for teaching/education.
Keller WilliamsFinancial need, self motivated, dedicated and good character.
Leonard W. Qunity MemorialAbility/courage to overcome obstacles. Possibly entering teaching. Shows enthusiasm for school in general and extracurricular activities.
AACN Merrimack Valley ChapterSenior entering nursing school.
Middlesex Savings Charitable Foundation3.0 or higher Jr & Sr year. Community service, financial need, academic improvement and made a positive change in their life.
Murphy Insurance Agency ScholarshipInitiate- Be brave, make the most of every opportunity. Insight - Be passionate, express insight. Innovate - Be fresh, be original. Integrity Be active, do the right thing.
Pages for PeaceMember of Bookmakers & Dreamers Club
Richard C. Bacon MemorialResident/grades volunteer work and community citezenship
Squannacook River RunnersAt least one season of cross country or track
Town of Groton Scholarship FundStrong financial need, community service, extra-curricular activies
Town of Groton Trust Frank Waters Vocational Educational FundGraduating Groton resident attending a two year vocational educational school.
Town of Groton Trust Maria Belitsky ScholarshipHorticulture, landscape, floral design, forestry, farming conservation of environmental studies.
Town of Groton Trust Peter E. Bertozzi Scholarship TrustStudying conservation and/or environmental studies.
Town of Groton Trust Peter Twomey MemorialGraduating senior.

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