Tuesday, January 31, 2017

GD Student use time off to help others.  Senior, Emma Grondolski shared this information with me.  She and several other GD students will be volunteering during February break.  There is so much negative news about teenagers reported each day....I thought it would be nice to share what some of our own are doing to make the work a better place.

When I heard about what she would be doing over vacation I asked her to summarize the trip.  Thanks for sharing Emma. 

I along with eleven students and two parent chaperones from Groton and Dunstable plan to fly into Masaya, Nicaragua on February 17th and spend the next ten days building a house for a family in need.  Through the organization Bridges to Community we will meet a Nicaraguan family who has worked, applied, and waited for a safe place to call home.  We will live in a place given to us by the community (often a school or church) for five days while we complete the project. While we are there, the neighborhood including family and friends come together to help us and support us in our project.  We will not only build a house that will last lifetimes, but we'll build friendships too.  Children, parents, grandparents, and even dogs come and support us, show us their community and open their homes to us as we truly become part of their family.  After we are done with the house we will explore Nicaraguan cities, with our local friends leading the way. Then we will finish our journey at a Nicaraguan resort, with our new friends and our new memories by our side.

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