Monday, October 24, 2016

Yearbook Request

The Key Yearbook GDRHS 2017

Dear Seniors and Parents and Guardians of Seniors,

We are beginning to put together GDRHS’s yearbook for the Class of 2017!

Read on to learn how you can purchase a yearbook, submit a senior portrait, and buy and design an ad to celebrate a senior’s graduation, and how a senior can submit their senior quote, baby picture, and more. As you plan your submissions, keep five things in mind.
First, some important deadlines.
  • Friday, October 14: Senior Portrait
  • Monday, October 31: Parent and Friend Ads (see enclosed materials) and Baby Photo
  • Saturday, December 31: The cost of ordering a yearbook goes from $65 to $75
  • Until December 2: Story ideas to record a significant event or achievement in academics, sports, extracurriculars, or life that happened or will likely happen to a student from March 2016 to February 2017 can be submitted. (Note: Though all stories will be considered, space will limit selections.)
Second, photo specifications.
  • High resolution—Minimum of 300 dpi
  • File format—JPEG
  • Senior Portrait Print Specs—2 x 3 inches
  • Senior Portrait Composition Specs—In color. Vertical orientation. Head and shoulders.
  • Senior Portrait Content Specs—No props. No hats. Tasteful.
  • Candid Content for Stories—Action or emotion. Not posed!
  • Special instructions for Senior Portraits: If you used Mark Lawrence—make an appointment to select your portrait from your proofs ASAP. Mark Lawrence will send the photo directly to us. If you used any other photographer—it is up to YOU, not the photographer, to submit your portrait. Please give your photographer the photo specifications information above and upload your portrait to (CODE: gdyearbook).
  • Problems with or questions about senior portraits? Contact Mr. Jon Adams (
Third, Herff Jones online services.
To access the GDRHS portal, go to and type 6666 (our yearbook code) as the order number. You will be brought to a screen that has three tools that allow you to:
  • Buy a yearbook (using your credit card)
  • Create a yearbook ad (using your credit card)
  • Upload photos (free)
Problems with or questions about online services? Contact Ms. Kelly Cook (

Fourth, “old school” methods.
If you prefer not to use online technologies, you still have options to buy a yearbook or ad.
  • Order a yearbook using a check: Make your check payable to GDRHS Yearbook and mail the check to Ms. Barbara McNulty, GDRHS, 703 Chicopee Row, Groton, MA 01450. Students may also drop off their order to Ms. McNulty in room 229.
  • Purchase an ad that the staff creates for you from physical photos (details here): Indicate your ad size and design on the enclosed materials and make a check payable to GDRHS Yearbook. Mail your ad materials and check to Mr. Jon Adams, GDRHS, 703 Chicopee Row, Groton, MA 01450. You may also send your child to drop off your ad materials and check to Mr. Adams in room 112. A yearbook staff member will send you an email confirmation when your ad materials have been received. Once the ad is designed, you will receive your materials back in the mail along with a proof of the ad.

Fifth, special senior submissions.
Using students’ personal Gmail accounts, the yearbook staff will be sending seniors online forms to collect information. Be on the lookout for an email from to submit your Quote, stories, and to vote for superlatives.

Your senior portrait needs to be submitted according to the photo specifications on the first page of this letter. Please note, the directions differ depending on the photographer you used.

Seniors submitting a baby photo have two options:
  • Upload a digital file by going to (CODE: gdyearbook). Type your name in the box under “Student(s) shown in picture. In the box under “Description,” type baby photo.
  • Scan a hard copy with a yearbook staff member, who will be set up with a scanner at lunches from October 12-14. We will scan your photo in your presence and return it to you immediately.
  • Note that staff members will only be available to scan your photo the week of the 12th, and any online submissions after October 31st will not be included in the book.

Suggest a story! One purpose of a yearbook is to tell the story of a year. We want to be able to highlight your achievements for this year, but we can’t if we don’t know about them. If you or one of your classmates has had an experience (or you anticipate will have an experience) that you believe deserves to “go down in history,” submit a story idea to We will consider any events that have occurred since March 2016 until our final deadline.


The Key GDRHS Yearbook Staff

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