Monday, May 2, 2016

Tyler's Light (Opioid & Drug Addiction Presentation at GD)

Tyler's Light Presentation
Speak Up! Save a Life!
Where:      GDRHS Gymnasium
When:        May 19th
Time:          6:00pm

We are pleased to inform you of an upcoming event that all parents should attend. The presentation, which is brought to you by Groton-Dunstable Regional High School in partnership with the Groton Lecture Fund, highlights the tragic story of Tyler Campbell. There will be a presentation during the day for students, and we are asking all able parents to attend the 60 minute evening presentation.  

Tyler's parents, Wayne and Christie, having taken on the mission of informing parents and students of the dangers of drug addiction.  Tyler's story is not unique, but it does highlight just how rapidly one can fall to the grips of addiction.  Tyler was from a well-to-do suburb in Ohio; he was a star athlete who eventually fulfilled a dream of playing division 1 football. 
After suffering a football injury he was prescribed Vicodin, and the tragic story begins there. 

I have included several items for you to preview including a feature on 60 Minutes, a link to their website where you can find more information about his story and download a feature on HBO, and some detailed information on Tyler Campbell.  

Tyler's Light on 60 Minutes

Tyler's Light Website

Tyler's Light Facebook Page

Tyler Campbell
Tyler was a loving and kind young man who was dedicated to his family and friends. His beautiful blue eyes and infectious smile lit up a room. He was a guy who always took care of everyone else and cared so immensely about others feelings. He was a sensitive and affectionate guy who had a heart of gold. He was always respectful to his parents and protective of his brothers. We have many precious memories of Tyler growing up in Pickerington. He enjoyed his 23 years of life doing things like riding bikes to the parks, fishing in the park pond, skipping rocks in the creeks and playing youth sports. He loved sports of all kinds, especially football. Tyler was a 2007 graduate of Pickerington High School North where he excelled in academics, football and baseball. He was proud to be a Panther and he was extremely loyal to his team and school. Tyler loved athletics and worked hard to excel at everything he committed himself to doing.

He never gave up! Tyler accomplished his boyhood dream of playing Division I football after earning a scholarship to the University of Akron. He followed up that dream by earning a starting spot his second year and the lead the team in tackles vs. Wisconsin in the season opener. Playing football in the “Horse Shoe” in front of thousands of fans was also a dream come true when his team played Ohio State. He could hardly contain his excitement! Tyler was pursuing a career to help other people.

In honor of his memory, Tyler’s Light was formed to do just that, help others. His life ended much too soon, but Tyler was a gift to all those who knew him and his light will shine on. As Tyler would want, we will not carry on without him, but we will carry on for him. Tyler’s Light is the affect that Tyler has left on all that were touched by his life. If you or someone you know is affected by addiction, Tyler’s Light is here to help. Please use this website as a resource for education and action. Learn about the drugs that are prominent in the community – leverage the resources we have listed and most importantly reach out to Tyler’s Light when you need help.

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  1. There is also a presentation at the Dunstable Public Library on Tuesday, May 17th, "Arming Ourselves Against the Opioid War", 6-7:30, geared for parents and kids 7th grade and up. It's good that our community is paying attention to this. Losing even one of our kids to drugs is one too many, and if we think "that won't happen to me", next thing we know, it will.