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Gymnastics Team, RAD, Robotics, Sock Drive & More

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How to Survive the College Admissions Madness

I have included a NY Times article that is appropriate particularly during this time of year as students await decisions on the college of their choice.  Also, I have include a portion of the article I personally enjoy. It is a letter from a mom and dad to their son as he awaits word from the colleges of his choice.  I also provided a link to the entire article.  

Dear Matt,

On the night before you receive your first college response, we wanted to let you know that we could not be any prouder of you than we are today. Whether or not you get accepted does not determine how proud we are of everything you have accomplished and the wonderful person you have become. That will not change based on what admissions officers decide about your future. We will celebrate with joy wherever you get accepted — and the happier you are with those responses, the happier we will be. But your worth as a person, a student and our son is not diminished or influenced in the least by what these colleges have decided.

If it does not go your way, you’ll take a different route to get where you want. There is not a single college in this country that would not be lucky to have you, and you are capable of succeeding at any of them.

We love you as deep as the ocean, as high as the sky, all the way around the world and back again — and to wherever you are headed.

Mom and Dad

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Back Row (left to right): Nastia Subaciute, Amanda Olson, Cassie Biegel, Erin Woodle, Tori Gromann
Middle: Tess Ierardi, Olivia Teh, Carolyn Abraham, Rachel Dibona, Liv Volante
Front: Sarah Rice, Auste Subaciute

Gymnastics Team Shines
By Auste Subaciute 
The Groton-Dunstable High School Gymnastics Team has recently finished their second season since the team was created. Although the team is fairly new, it has firmly set its roots in the rapidly growing high school sport. In their opening year, the team qualified for Team Sectionals (North Division) and ended up placing 9th. Along with a strong team finish, Emily Chu, represented the school at the Senior National Meet in Florida. In their second year, the gymnasts continued to improve, steadily increasing the team score throughout the season. Plagued with several injuries and being placed in the more challenging South Division, the team continued to successfully compete against larger teams and improve their score. Unfortunately, the gymnastics team did not make it to team sectionals, missing the cut by a mere 0.2 points. In the 2015-2016 season, Liv Volante, Amanda Olson, Tess Ierardi and I qualified for the state individuals at Shrewsbury High School. Amanda also qualified for the New England Championship on vault. The number of girls competing at the State Individuals Meet greatly increased from the previous year and it was the first time the team had a representative at  the New England Championship. 

Although the team is smaller than most of the other teams at GD, the determination and dedication to the sport by all of the girls and coaches contributed to the success of the team.  Head coach Bill Kane helped tremendously in teaching every gymnast the different rules and requirements that go along with the MIAA High School Gymnastics regulations. The coaches also provided a ridiculous amount of support and made every aspect of the team possible. Signing up for the team teaches the girls to learn how to balance their academic work along with their high school and club gymnastics practices. The dedication to the team as a whole created a very strong bond between the gymnasts and coaches making the team like a family. The Groton-Dunstable Gymnastics Team has had an impressive first two seasons and intends to continue their steady improvement.

Robotics Team Shines Again
By Ginger Vollmar
The Robotomies once again made it into the quarter finals at the First Robotics
competition in Providence this weekend!  After their 12 qualifying matches, their record was 6-5-1.  The team had a number of alliances in which our robot was the only robot to score any points or that scored almost all the points.  We were a bit disappointed with the record and this left us ranked at number 14.  The top 8 teams move on to the final elimination rounds.  

Our robot, the Black Knight, is amazing to watch.  It is tough, quick and beats every
defense, every time.  We do not know yet if the team will be asked to participate in the
New England Championship in Hartford in 3 weeks but we should find out soon.

Our team did not get to pick alliances since we weren't in the top 8 but our team was picked by the number 3 seed as part of their alliance.  The team's alliance lost in the quarter finals in a couple of tough battles.
It's been an amazing season so far for the Robotomies!

Sock Drive
Please Donate New Socks
By Rachel Trickett

A group of girls from Groton/Dunstable High School will be attending the CityReach Program in Boston on April 8th-9th, 2016.  This program gives people the opportunity to learn firsthand about homelessness from people who have experienced it.  During this session, they will join CityReach staff in street ministry and offer hospitality, food and clothing.

One of the greatest needs for the homeless and least donated items are "new socks".  Please help by donating a package of men's or woman’s socks.  To some homeless, new socks can be more important to them than food since many of them have access to soup kitchens and pantries.  Being without socks or having ones with holes in them especially during the cold and wet season, can lead to all sorts of foot ailments.

Thank you in advance and let's make this "sock drive" a success by helping put a smile on their faces and know they are being cared about.  All donations can be dropped off in the boxes located in the main office and in the guidance department until April 6, 2016.

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