Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Host Family Needed: 1,000 Monthly Stipend

We are in need of a host family for an international student during the 2015-2016 school year.  I have included a brief biography and a copy of her introduction letter, which will provide you with a little insight into the student and her family.  Please contact the high school principal, Michael Mastrullo, if you are interested in hosting a student.  mmastrullo@gdrsd.org

Introduction Letter

 Im Xing Jiayue, you can call me Emma. A really special thing about myself would be that I spent most of my childhood in Japan and only returned to my hometown in northern China when I was 5 years old. I am a very independent person since both of my parents are doctors, and we all know how busy doctors can be. I enjoy ice-skating and Japanese comic literature. I developed a keen curiosity and interest in different culturesgrowing up in Japan, visiting Europe. Being able to study in America would be a valuable, thrilling experience for me. I can get a sense of both the academic environment and culture there. Ive got to learn that Boston has many great Universities and it would be great to visit them also, to be able to study its cultural legacy in person.

My parents are really supportive in terms of my academic pursuits—they both have oversea academic experience, and thus personally know the great benefits studying in a distinct environment. It would definitely be a huge challenge, but defying that challenge would be very fulfilling for me. I’ve learned the Groton-Dunstable Regional High School an exciting curriculum—I am specially attracted by your strong academic capabilities as well as the various athletic programs.  

I worship my mom—she is a successful career woman that is able to balance her work with family life. She teaches a lot in the way she acts not by empty talks. Her profession is internist physician, and she traveled to Liberia, in Africa to offer medical assistance for two whole years from 2009 to 2011. The environment and living conditions in Liberia were really harsh. She managed to live and work for two years where even plants wouldn’t be able to grow well. Since the medical faculties in Africa were relatively poor, she had to transfer patients back to China for treatment. It was a great task, but she managed to pull it off.  She is my inspiration. I would like to see my own name on professional journals like she did, but it would be a very long way to go.

I intend to improve my skills and try my best to be a great artist. My childhood memories in Japan have made me a Japanese comic literature fan. I watched tons of animation and a little bit fanatics about it, because the characters in the movie are so funny. The plot is full of imagination. My Japanese have gone a bit rusty since I haven’t spoken it for a well, and I am sincerely hoping I can pick it back up at Groton.

I am also a fan of movies. My favorite is Inception by Christopher Nolan. The plot is very nerve-wrecking and quite enchanting. I’ve watched it for a million times.  The plot is up and down. The academic environment here in my hometown is very competitive and sometimes suffocating. Movies sometimes can give me a break from the exhausting reality.

Last year, I have been to England in summer vacation to go camping. We studied in an international school in the morning, and travelled around London in the afternoon. What is more, I lived in a host family. So I believed that I can get along well with the family in America. If I argue with the host child, I will reflect myself and find the solutions toward problems. If I do not know why, I will talk to her.

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  1. A Host Family is a family consisting of at least one parent and one child under the age of 18 that invites an au pair from a foreign country for a specified period of time.