Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Principal's Notes (Taylor White)

You may have heard that a farmhouse in Lunenburg was destroyed by fire a few weeks ago.  That home is owned by the Mcleod family of Lunenburg.  Although not students at GD, the impact of that tragedy was felt at our school.  

Taylor White, a senior at GD, was in the home when the fire erupted.  She won’t admit it but Taylor proved to be hero that day.  Taylor kept a level head and acted quickly.  She physically removed David Mcleod from the home as he initially attempted to go rescue the family dog.  Taylor and David jumped from a second story window to escape the flames.  The Mcleod family has endured a difficult few months.  Not only did they lose their dog, their home, and all of their possessions in the recent fire, but they also lost their mother this past summer.  A tragic story.

In an effort to help a family in a neighboring town Taylor spearheaded an effort to raise much needed funds for the family.  Through bake sales and donations we raised nearly 1,000 dollars.  I have included a link to a donation page dedicated to help the family.  


Taylor White

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