Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Freshmen Orientation

Today was a fun filled day for the incoming freshmen.  The upperclassmen greeted freshmen this morning with a warm welcome.  I provided a picture that gives you a glimpse of how freshmen were greeted this morning.  After a brief presentation by the administrators and guidance counselors, freshmen were on their way to participate in a variety of activities.  A scavenger hunt provided a creative way for students to learn the layout of the school, followed by a wide variety of relay races and games.  Lunch, a brief presentation outlining all the after school clubs, and a photo slideshow highlighting all the days activities closed the ceremonies.  We want to thank Future Drivers of America for donating both food and employees to barbecue for all of our students.

Freshmen orientation in many ways encapsulates all that is great about this school.  Upperclassmen worked more than 50 hours this summer planning and fundraising for the days activities.  Upperclassmen donated their time and energy all in an effort to welcome freshmen to their new school.  Without the tireless efforts of Mary Cain, guidance secretary, this day would not have been possible.  A great start to the year.

Nicole Wilkinson, Lindsay Werner, and Izzy Smith

Ciara Selders & Aimee Guichard

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