Thursday, May 29, 2014

Graduation Information & More

Class Night Graduation Ceremony
First of all I would like to thank all members of the community who attended Class Night last evening.  It was a great night that showcased many of our students.  We honored students for academic excellence, and local community members awarded more than 137,000 dollars in scholarships.  Thank you very much!

Today students rehearsed for both an indoor and outdoor graduation ceremony.  The weather for tomorrow is tenuous at best with current forecasts calling for a fifty percent chance of scattered showers.  We will make the final decision on an in-door or outdoor ceremony by early afternoon tomorrow.  We will notify all parents by phone, email, and it will also be on our website.  This morning each student received five tickets in case weather dictates an in-door ceremony. In an effort to maximize available seating, we made minor alternations to the gymnasium configuration.  The five ticket per student allotment brings us to capacity.  No person will be admitted without a ticket. Regardless of location the ceremony will begin at 6pm.  We look forward to seeing you tomorrow evening.

Groton Channel Live Broadcast
If the ceremony is indoors the Groton Channel will be airing the ceremony live on Groton Television.  In addition, the ceremony will stream live into several classrooms for those without a ticket.

Host Families Needed
If you are interested in hosting an international student next year please contact principal, Michael Mastrullo.

Boys & Girls Tennis
Congratulations to both the Boys & Girls Tennis Teams for winning the Sportsmanship Award! Way to make us proud.

Senior Grades
Senior grades are now available on both iStudent and iParent.  Final transcripts will be sent to all colleges next week.

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