Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Important Graduation Information & Art Awards

Graduation Ceremony
The GDRHS graduation is set for May 30, 2014 at  6:00PM. There will be a rain date scheduled for
 Saturday May 31st @ 12:00.   

If  the ceremony is inside it will be limited to 5 tickets per student. If it  is outside there is no limit. We hope this information  helps you so you can plan accordingly. Class Night  will be held May 28th
 in the High School gym at  6:00PM

Art Awards
Terrific news in the wake of the Scholastic Regional Art Awards.   Regional Gold Key winners were evaluated and a select number of students from across the country received National Silver and National Gold Keys.

Elizabeth Garside (2014) received a Gold Key at the National Level for "Tribal Simulations." Not every day this happens:  Almost a million works are submitted and only a few hundred gold key winners are featured nationally. A great moment for Liz and GD.

National Gold Key winners are awarded scholarships to most of the leading art schools.   They are also invited to New York City in June for the Scholastic Art and Writing National Ceremony.  

Congratulations to the recipients of Gold Keys, Silver Keys, and Honorable Mentions in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards in Massachusetts! These awards recognize some of the best student work in the state.

To see all of the winning artwork, please follow this link to the GDRHS Fine Arts news page:

Gold Keys
Madeleine Bugbee
Elizabeth Garside

Silver Keys
Madeleine Bugbee
Julie King
Lillian Vo

Honorable Mentions

Madeleine Bugbee
Ethan Cook
Juliana de Groot
Emma Demers
Michael Suchecki
Sara Walsh

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