Friday, December 20, 2013

Principal's Notes

Gianna Hitsos
The Groton Line and published Gianna's Blog, which chronicled her experience navigating the arduous college application process.  You can read the second part of that blog by clicking on the link below.

GDEF Launches Annual Giving Campaign

The Groton Dunstable Education Foundation (GDEF) asks you to consider a tax-deductible gift to its Annual Giving Campaign when making your year-end charitable donations.  Thanks to support from parents like you, GDEF is proud to have funded over $360,000 in enrichment grants to our district schools over the past 10 years.  GDEF just awarded Robotics Adviser and Tech Engineering teacher Mark Rocheleau a $500 mini-grant for the purchase of a VEX Robotics kit, and Kelly Cook and Danielle Patenaude-Dumont were each awarded mini-grants this fall to attend national conventions for Journalism and English teachers in Boston.  With your generous help, GDEF hopes to award approximately $30,000 in grants to all district schools when our major cycle closes on January 31. 

Besides AGC, donations to GDEF’s Teaching Stars program are a great way to honor special staff members at your child’s school this holiday season.  For more information, please visit, and click on the “Donate Now!” icon to give online. 

Koplick Award

Seniors - Don't forget to check here to see if you qualify for the Koplick Award!!! If you qualify... APPLY...Even if you think you aren't going to attend a MA college or university. After you graduate, you can no longer apply.  

Coat Drive
By Paul Sickinger & Jack Trottier

Jack Trrottier and Paul Sickinger, from Tyngsborough High School, are collecting coats for the homeless as a service project for school. They were inspired to do this by a man named Larry Finn. Larry Finn is a firefighter from Lowell that visited there class and talked to them about the organization he created called "Coats from Anne Above." He started it four years ago and has already collected over 1000 coats. Mr. Finn takes the coats that he collects and directly gives them to the homeless or people in need. His actions has inspired the two boys to have their own coat drive. So if anyone has an old coat or a coat that doesn't fit, please bring it to Groton-Dunstable High School.  There is a box in the main lobby.  An old coat that means nothing to you can fulfill another persons holiday season by keeping them warm.

Drama Guild Update
By Chris Olson

Drama Guild invites you to a public forum with GD alumni to discuss Theatre Arts in the curriculum. Participation in after school clubs provides leadership skills directly applied to success in college and the workplace.  Our own GD alumni will discuss how challenges  and success in high school drama helped prepare them for the future.  The panel members will comprise of current college students majoring in biology, chemistry, English, education and theatre.  The forum is open to the general public.  Please join us in the high school BBX Theater on Wednesday, January 8 at 7 p.m

Art Exhibit

Congratulations to the winners of the Student Art Exhibit during the Art and Craft Fair.

Drawing and Painting
First Place / Best in Show: Dakota O'Driscoll
Second Place: Rachel Olson
Third Place: Maddy Bugbee & Mitch Navetta

Ceramics and Sculpture
First Place / Best in Show: Madison Ready
Second Place: Nicki Wilkinson
Third Place: Ryan Hardy

Photography and Design
First Place / Best in Show: Phoebe Abrahamsen
Second Place: Emma Demers
Third Place: Briana Bozkurt


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