Thursday, November 21, 2013

Music District Awards/Pep Rally/Spirit Week

The Following students auditioned for and where accepted into Mass Music Districts:

Drew Cartier
Nick D'Angelo
Matt Lambright
Danika Manalo
*Greg Preston

*Greg also received the Highest Vocal Audition score for the entire state of Massachusetts earning  
107 out of 110.

Pep Rally Itinerary

November 27, 2013

9:15 – 9:20
Call down to gym
Mascot gets crowd fired up
9:20 – 9:35
Jazz Band performs

Drum Corp performs

Chamber performs

Phillipino Traditional Dance (Villagomez briefly speaks about Typhoon and how we are helping)
9:38 – 9:42
Freshman Dance
9:42 – 9:46
Sophomore Dance
9:46 – 9:50
Junior Dance
9:50 – 9:54
Senior Dance

9:56 – 10:00

Drama Guild Recognition/Performance in Black Box

Asadoorian Speaks
Football Team Enters Gym.

10:00-10:50            Dismiss to Faculty/Student Football game
                                Black Box /Drama Guild Performance

                      Spirit week 2013

Spirit Week Activities begin with the traditional Penny Wars. Penny jugs are placed in the front commons and the annual competition begins between the four classes.
            The rules:
            Pennies add to the pot.
            Silver money (nickels, dimes, quarters) deduct from the pot.
Change is counted and the class who finished the least in the negative or the most in the positive will win all of the money. The funds will be added to the class treasury. Money will be counted on Monday 11/27/13.

Each day’s theme:
            Thursday 11/21: Hawaiian Day
            Friday 11/22: Decade Day (Each Grade dresses as a different decade)
            Monday 11/25: America Day
            Tuesday 11/26: Character Day (Dress as any character, celebrity, superhero, cartoon, comic, etc.)
            Wednesday 11/27: Class Colors/Powder Puff Attire
Class Colors
                        Freshman: Grey
                        Sophomores: Maroon
                        Juniors: White
                        Seniors: Black

Football Games under the lights will be on Wednesday 11/27/13 from 6:00pm-7:30pm-
6-6:30 pm: Freshman vs. Seniors
6:30-7:00 pm: Juniors vs. Sophomores
7:00-7:30pm: Championship

On Tuesday night all classes are invited to decorate the gym. This will go from 6-8 pm.

There will also be a Typhoon Relief fundraiser for the Philippines. We will be selling     t-shirts for $10 throughout the week and at the game. Proceeds will go to Kawayan Elementary School in the damaged area.

There will be a Pep rally held in the gym where the girls from each class will perform their Powder Puff dance. This will be followed by the traditional Faculty/Student Football Game.